Just a beautiful book everyone should read…

Read It & Eat

This book is a novel about a relationship that is told in definitions. It sounds strange, I know, but it’s a beautiful piece of art. What I would give for a man to communicate in such profound and moving ways as author David Levithan… and he’s so brief! (We’d never get along, because I’m so wordy!)

Anyway, I found out about this book on Twitter first… and I’m going to honestly say, there’s not much more I can mention about it that will make you want to read it. Mr. Levithan says something compelling in each of his tweets in 140 characters or less. Let me give you recent some examples:

control, n.: Some play relationships like a rivalry, gathering points and allies. Winner takes all, and it doesn’t mean a thing.


conscience, n.: It’s not about how you sleep at night; it’s the days that should be harder…

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