UPDATE: I’ve been contacted by a group of Pentatonix fans, and they are trying to get the group on Ellen.  I’d love to see that happen, too, because– let’s face it– Ellen Degeneres makes things happen.  If you’d like to show your support, click here and ‘like’ their page.

Now, back to the post: Let me state for the record, first and foremost, that I am biased.

I do not know a single person in this band, but three of the ‘kids’ are from Arlington, Texas. I was a resident of Arlington for almost ten years, and I consider it home-ish. It’s all out in the open.

Something you may not have known about me: I was a choir nerd. I was in show choir waaaaay before the Glee losers made it look cool. I was the co-captain, to be more specific. I freaking loved it (until a dictator choir director took over my junior year in high school and made me hate it). Anyway, as a choir nerd, I have always had an appreciation for a capella music.

Me and my high school sweetheart… the choir nerd + the band nerd = fun guitar duets

After watching a few seasons of American Idol, I was burned out on the whole reality singing competition– specifically the schadenfreude of it all. It was probably William Hung that turned me off of those shows. (Not him personally, but the way he was ridiculed, even though I bet he made some bank off it all (he was on Arrested Development, for God’s sake!)) I vowed to never go back. In so doing, I missed the first season of the Sing Off, assuming it was the same thing.

The second season, though, I gave it a chance. It was entirely different… by the time the contestants were on television, they had already selected the cream of the crop– and these people are stellar artists. Every sound they make in song comes from their voices only. True a capella brilliance. I was in awe, and I fell in love with Street Corner Symphony (the runners-up) and Committed (the winners).

When Season 3 came on, I was sucked in immediately, but I don’t think Pentatonix made their appearance until the second week. Holy. Crikies. These kids were innovators!! If you don’t believe me, check out E.T. (their debut), Video Killed the Radio Star, Love Lockdown and Dog Days are Over. So you don’t believe these are live and only voices? Let me show you. Or maybe this one. How about this brilliant master mix? Or they got the first unanimous judge’s standing ovation AND caused Sara Bareilles to say the ‘f’ word on TV with this one. I can’t decide which one showcases them best.


Anyway, the album came out a few weeks ago, and it’s on constant rotation here. I have to say, it seems a little over-produced because I love hearing what they can do in one live shot (and trust me, any flaws are few, far between, and not detectable by most human ears). But still, the songs are great, high-energy works of vocal art. You should check it out.

And just so you can see another a cappella masterpiece, check out the guys from the Dartmouth Aires sing Bohemian Rhapsody. It will blow your mind. (Michael Odokara-Okigbo, when’s your album coming out?!)

And just so you know, choir nerd-ery LIVES!