This FSoG parody is written by an author-friend of mine… ‘redneck erotica…’ Who knew?


***UPDATE: Feel free to keep reading but if you want to cut to the chase and not beat around the bush (huh…huh…bush), then go to Smashwords or Amazon to get all 170 pages of Puddin’ deliciousness for just a $1.99. Endless laughs for less than a Big Red and bag of hot fries.

No good ever comes of drinking wine with my best friend. Ok, maybe “good” isn’t the right word. Nothing normal ever comes from drinking wine with my best friend. We’ve been friends for 30 years and our warped sense of humor floats between us like some type of secret twin language. We laugh until we cry or come close to wetting ourselves (depends on how much wine we’ve had on that last part). These conversations always alienate everyone around us, but sometimes they also create something special. One of these conversations happened recently, and I couldn’t let our drunken creation slip down…

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