“Not Today, But Someday” is available for your e-reader!

“Not Today, But Someday” is the prequel to the Emi Lost & Found series. Prequel… read it first, right? Not in this instance, no. This is an homage to Emi and Nate, and explores the first week of their relationship. It will give you insight into the choices they make later in life, but the story itself has no bearing on the series. Go ahead and read Lost and Found first. Then you’ll have to read Time Stands Still right away (trust me). Once you get to the last page of that one, you might as well just start Never Look Back to see if there will be a happily ever after for everyone. You’ve read all of those already? Cool. You’re ready for the prequel. Here’s a taste, from chapter 2. It’s the first time Nate sees the girl of his dreams.


I open the classroom door quickly, letting it shut loudly behind me, not caring if the noises distract my classmates.

“Thanks for joining us,” my teacher says. I nod and grin in her direction as I head to my seat. Two rows before I get there, I see this diminutive girl sitting in the chair next to mine.

I’ve always been one of two students lucky enough to get their own workstation in art. I’d earned that seat, having honed my talent since I was a kid. I needed the space to spread out, to be messy.

I stop in my tracks, staring at the girl in the chair at my table.

“We took a vote at the beginning of class to see where our new student would sit. Without you here, it was unanimous,” Ms. Martin says. I want to turn to her, to glare at her, but I can’t look away from this fair-skinned girl who sits quietly with her head rested on folded arms. Even though we’re talking about her, her gaze is straight-ahead and distant. She doesn’t bother to look at me, which gives me ample time to stare at her mesmerizing green eyes. Light sage. Cucumber. Honeydew. I can’t figure out what word best describes the color of those eyes, but they’re unique and clear and enchanting.

I finally start moving again as some of my classmates laugh quietly at my reaction to my new neighbor. I grab my easel and a blank canvas from the side counter before I sit down. She has no supplies in front of her. I’m not sure her position or demeanor would change if she did.

She looks so sad.

©2012 Lori L. Otto

Find out where to get the book here!

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