Emi’s POV:

Love at first sight. Another concept that doesn’t really exist. I try to remove my cynicism and general disappointment in love as I continue the story. My imagination allows me to get caught up in the romance of it, the poetry of Chaucer’s words giving my mind a new playground to explore.

I hear Joey and Chris downstairs, but I want to finish the story, now that I’ve started. It’s not often that a book draws me in, but there’s something about this one. I continue reading until I hit one passage that takes me out of this Old English world and slams me back into reality.

When love is strong, love knows no law. Love itself has greater dominion. Earthly rules are of no account. Lovers break them every day. A man must love, even if he strives against it; he cannot escape love, even at the cost of his own life. It may be love for a maid, for a widow, or for a married woman. It does not matter. Love is the law of life itself. *

Love should create rules, and abide by them. The vows exchanged in front of families and friends and God should dictate behavior. It should encourage two people to always honor what they share. Love. Stupid book. 

©2012 Lori L. Otto

Here’s the whole book for free!

The Canterbury Tales: A Retelling ©2009 by Peter Ackroyd