NaNoWriMo, Day 3 – 5,331

Making the goal + 331!

Today, I got back into Livvy’s head. It wasn’t quite as emotional as yesterday, but it wasn’t meant to be, either.  I got some more ideas for the next chapter, so I feel set to continue writing tomorrow. My goal for tomorrow is 4,000 words for the day, so I better have lots of ideas in my head to work with!

I’ve gotten quite distracted today. I snuck on Facebook for about 15 minutes earlier today. I watched an episode of 30 Rock. I picked up my already-clean apartment. I iMessaged a far-away friend. I watched the thunderclouds in the distance. I played a few games on my iPhone and iPad. I checked my stats (repeatedly). I googled things. Lots of things. It wasn’t the most productive day, but I hit my target, and that’s what counts.

I also earned two NaNoWriMo merit badges today. I got these a few years ago from the OLL store. I’ve lost one, and I don’t see where these are sold anymore, so I’m kind of bummed about that. (I lost the Eureka badge, which you get when you have an ‘AHA!’ moment. Guess I’ll have to bypass that stage.)

Caffeinated Badge
Procrastination Badge

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