Election? What election?

Oh, the election… the thing that threatened today’s word count. Suck it, Bronco and Romeny! Nah, not really. I’m truly interested in the results, so I had to bargain with myself. No election-checking until I wrote my 2k words. I did that plus fifteen to grow on. Today I learned about Windsor knots and half-Windsor knots, and learned that certain knots look better on men with certain neck lengths. I honestly think that might be the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever learned, but whatever.

Something cool I tried tonight (to help with my distraction). Someone on my local NaNoWriMo chapter’s page suggested writeordie.com. Crap! That site is awesome! If you’re a writer, just go check it out. Right now. Stop reading this and DO IT! I wrote 1200 words in 30 minutes, which is pretty decent for me.

I think I’m getting back into a routine. It feels pretty good. My brain seems much less cluttered and I’m happier. If you’re a writer, you know what I’m talking about. We do awesome things, people. We truly do! Writers forever!