NaNoWriMo, Day 7 – 15,554

Lots of sexy words tonight…

Success! Still on target, despite staying up way too late and going to bed one minute before Obama hit the stage (I waited HOURS, Mr. President, I couldn’t stay awake any longer); despite a very stressful, frustrating day at the real job; after the most unsettling Facebook fight on my wall that didn’t even involve me, but two friends who’ve never even met; and after a nap this evening. Normally nap = no words, but this whole writeordie.com site thing is changing my life.

Oh, and guess what! Seven days until my NaNoStaycation. I haven’t taken any real time away from this job in nearly a year, so it will be nice to forget about my real-life responsibilities for a week. I’ll be able to give my make-believe world lots of attention. I should hit 55,000 before I have to go back to work on Black Friday if I keep up with my own self-imposed goals.

“But Lori,” you say, “you only have to write 50,ooo words!” Well, that’s all Chris Baty says I have to write, but my schedule shows 71,000. Veeee shall seeee…

Anyway. I’m going to try to get seven hours of sleep tonight. Tomorrow’s my first ‘day off’ from writing. Well, that’s what my calendar says, and although I do have plans tomorrow evening, something tells me that L & J will demand a little attention before the day ends.

Word I’ve Never Used in a Novel Before Tonight:

And henpeck means……

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