NaNoWriMo, Day 15 – 34,635

I’m too competitive sometimes. I’d hit my goal today, and then input my stats onto the NaNoWriMo page. I checked on all of my writing buddies, and saw that one of them was beating me by a couple hundred words. What’d I do?

I wrote until I beat her. Sorry, Laura. (One thing I know about her, though, tomorrow she’ll be 10k ahead of me. She’s been my biggest competition for the last couple NaNoWriMos. She’s a prolific author, though. I’m not jealous. She inspires me, truly.)

Whatever motivates me, though. Now, I’ve got a little bug in my ear about how close I am to a 5k day (which will earn me a NaNoWriMo badge). I’d only have  to write 1,436 more words today, and I have about four hours before I have to start getting ready for the movie tonight. It would be so easy.

Except for this headache. Which figures, because I just posted a status update last night on Facebook, bragging about how I don’t get bad headaches anymore. It serves me right to boast like that. Fortunately, it’s only come on in the last hour, so it didn’t hinder the writing too much. And I guess it’s good because it’s my first day of NaNoStayCation, so I don’t have to suffer with it at work as I try to manage people while hopping from meeting to meeting and running a gazillion reports.

I just hope it goes away before tonight. The last thing I want to do is watch a potentially bad movie with a bad headache.

What’d I write about? Sex, arguments and snakes.
Current playlist: nothing, because iTunes match sucks donkey balls
Current song: one that I’m writing called ‘iTunes Match Sucks Donkey Balls (Ode to Failed Cloud Technology); I Won’t Survive’

I’m not dramatic!

One thought on “NaNoWriMo, Day 15 – 34,635

  1. I also look at my buddy list to see who’s ahead of me and whatnot…I think we secretly all do it. NaNo brings out the competitiveness of us writers… haha

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