My cheerleaders (aka my heroes)

Yesterday, I was so motivated! Today, it took me ages to get into the groove… and once I was there, I couldn’t stay in it. It finally dawned on me after 1,800 words that I was working in complete silence. Yeah, that’s hard for me. I need music… and since I was already struggling, I put on my concentration playlist to help me along. That– and the encouragement of today’s cheerleaders (and the addition of a cylon)– got me to my 3k daily goal.

Livvy’s biological father?

Except I think I realized today that Pages isn’t doing a good job of counting words. Based on the total amount of words in the document, I wrote 500 more words than I needed to, but when I highlighted the text I’ve written this month, it only came out as 36 words more. That’s a HUGE discrepancy. I’ll look into it tomorrow. Tonight, I want sleep.

Thank you Mychael, Lisa, Holly, Mike, Angela and Jay! I appreciate your support (and ideas, Jay- oh, I named him Jay, is that alright?)!

Current playlist: Concentration
Current song: The Magic Flute: Overture by Mozart, performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra