Nikki’s Breaking Dawn Part 2 Recap – SPOILERS EVERYWHERE

So, since Nikki’s in South Africa, she got to see Breaking Dawn Part 2, like, six hours before me. I’d asked her to tell me everything (via iMessages) when she got out of the movie. I like spoilers, I do.

Well, I was going out with my local friends before the movie, so I had told Nikki that I wouldn’t be able to respond, so she said she’d just post it all and let me catch up with her later. We ended up running kind of late to the movie, so I skimmed all of her, like, gazillion texts. I was shocked to the point of almost crying as I saw important names and the things that happened… but again, I didn’t read the texts word for word, so I missed two things: 1) all the awesome humor she infused into her recap, and 2) the one text highlighted with a pink box that would have put my mind at ease had I read it.

The texts go something like this:

– Wait, not yet. I mentioned there are spoilers, and they ALL ARE. If you haven’t seen the movie yet and you’re going to, don’t read any of this. I promise if you actually spend the time reading them, it will ruin the movie. –

Okay, now…

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