Ha! 4,000 words and 1 to grow on!  🙂

I think the thing that’s slowing me down is that I realize I’m nearing the end of this novel. There really aren’t that many scenes left to write, which makes me both elated and melancholy, all at the same time.

Happy? Sad?

I can’t wait to write the two most emotional scenes of the whole book, but I will be so sad to leave little Livvy behind. I’ve really grown to love that little girl as if she were my own teenaged daughter.

I have to keep reminding myself that I get to FINALLY return to Renee and Steven and SomeoneElse after being away from them for a year and a month. I can’t believe I abandoned them back in October 2011. I can’t believe I’ve written Livvy’s entire 3-book series in 13 MONTHS! Wow. Did I really do that? Well, not yet, but I’m pretty sure by the end of November, the third book will be finished.

What an accomplishment. I’m a little bit in awe of myself, I’m not going to lie.

Hmmm. So, yeah, when I put Steven’s books on hiatus, I remember that I was going to come back to them in December of last year, but Livvy kept on talking and living her life and making me write her. I’ve had an amazing year with her, as she walked that fine line from teenager to young adult. I love her story. I hope other people will, too.

Tomorrow was supposed to be my 5k day. I’m not sure I will even try for that, though. I’m 672 words ahead of my own schedule, so I might credit that to tomorrow’s goal. I guess I can at least try for 5k. I do want that damned RALLY badge.