The Rally Badge

Sweet! I rallied today and hit my 5,000-word daily goal. I wrote some of that from another character’s POV, so it won’t go toward the final book’s word count, but all the words count toward NaNoWriMo!

I was all excited about this until I checked last year’s numbers. On this day last year, I won NaNoWriMo. Sniffle. I’m late. How I can feel bad about this, I don’t know, but my demented little over-achiever mind is nagging me to rally some more. Fortunately, my desire to get back into my Friends Season 1 marathon is a little stronger right now.

Anyway. I need a Portuguese-speaker to proof some of these words I’m writing. I actually know one, but think it may be awkward to get in touch with him to ask him to proof my pillow talk. We don’t have that type of relationship. 🙂 Eventually, though, someone who speaks Portuguese will have to get involved. The last chapter has a pivotal conversation in Portuguese.

So, I haven’t added the other two buttons I’ve earned this month (since I posted the last ones), so I’m playing catch-up.

The Secret Noveling Badge

I earned the Secret Noveling badge for writing at work while I was supposed to be working. I swear, Mike, I only did it for five minutes after lunch one day… and I only did it so I could earn the badge. That’s worth it, right?

The NaNo Socializing Badge

I got this one for taking part in a word-war with a friend of mine on Twitter. It was so late that I don’t remember who won the war. In truth, we both ended up with more words than we started with, so that makes us both winners!

So that was a good weekend for me! 9,080 words in a weekend… and if I make tomorrow’s goal (+ a few hundred words), I’ll win tomorrow. One day later than last year is good, considering I didn’t work 20 days of the month last year and focused on writing on those days. This year, I only have 14 of those free days (and I’ve only used 8 so far).

Maybe I’m still a winner of sorts today.