Support small, independent and local businesses!

Someone shared this on Facebook, and sadly, I don’t really know who to credit it to, but I want to share it here:

Graphic by Jeanene Richardson! Thank you!

Anyway. I think it’s a lovely sentiment, and it’s something I’d like to try to do. I know of a few friends that have local businesses or sell their handiwork online, but I bet there are tons of you out there that have an idea or product to share with the world. I’d like to help promote your work.

This isn’t a completely selfless thing, of course. I am an independent author and would love for people to gift my books for the holidays. You can buy them in paperback, or get them for the Nook, Kindle, or iPhone/iPad. (Links for all books are here.)

Here are some other small businesses you can support this holiday season:

Signifying Not – online shop with designs by Summer Ortiz, the illustrator of my books
Prints, tees and novelty items
High-heels and Slippers – first novel by Ella Slayne, a brilliant Brit that I met at a writer’s convention
Josie Jenkins is a Brit living in Texas and she’s going through a rough patch. Her love-life is a shambles and it looks as if her job might be on the line. She’s trying to teeter on with the help of her best friend and the odd glass of wine. When the charming Callum Doherty begins to flirt with Josie at work, it seems as if her love-life is on the up. Then she receives a mysterious Facebook message from an old flame in the UK and suddenly it all gets complicated again! Is Josie heading for heartbreak? Can she navigate her way around this modern-day love triangle?
Sweet Baby Girl – an online jewelry shop run by Shannon Reilly, wife to an awesome former co-worker
A specialty boutique offering children’s jewelry and unique keepsake gift items.
Piranha Toys – an online shop run by one of the best guys I know, Noel Gross
Geek amusements and accoutrements
Safe With Me – the complete erotic romance series written by Shaina Richmond, who has given me great writing and publishing advice
Tyler Campbell only went to college to get away from home. He didn’t know the love of his life would find him in a coffee shop and become his obsession.
Susie Lombardi thought good things like Tyler Campbell didn’t happen to her.
Scentsy – by independent consultant Veronica Traupman, one of my high-school classmates and current readers!
Scented flameless candles
All for My 5 – beautiful, personal crafts by my cousin, Amy Binder
Handmade, personalized gifts
Lexih007 on Redbubble – novelty items designed by my friend, Lexi Hart
Alias and Hunger Games tees, and beautiful iPhone cases featuring Lexi’s paintings
I’ll add more as people send me their info!

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