NaNoWriMo, Day 25 – 52,391

I won! Four-peat!

I decided to validate the novel today so I could get my nifty “winner” badge and certificate. I’m not quite finished with the book, but hope to be before the end of the month.

This is the first year that the end of the book has actually coincided with the 50,000 words. Normally, I’m just getting into a novel at the goal-mark, but this year, I’m not only ending the book, but the series. This is what I’m blaming my low word count on.

I had initially planned to write 71,000 words this month, but when I realized it was the end, I slowed down. It truly is emotional. I’m crying about every 1,000 words! And I knew I’d finish the book around 50k; I had intended to get back into the other series, but that didn’t happen. Not this month. Likely not this year. The goal is to get Livvy’s first book published on January 1st, so it will likely need some polishing in the coming weeks.

Anyway. Congrats to the other winners out there! None of my NaNo-buddies have won yet. Chris Baty’s the closest at 40,244. (He’s the founder of NaNoWriMo, if you didn’t know that already). He’ll hit 50k. No doubt.

5 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo, Day 25 – 52,391

  1. One year I finished on the 25th….here I am trying to relive my ‘glory days’….haha 😉 Nice job, by the way! How many times have you done NaNo now? I wait every year for November because I love it so much…haha

    1. I always take a week off in November, just to devote more time to writing. I’ve participated and won four years now… This was my worst year, though. I’m just having a hard time saying goodbye. I MUST finish it tomorrow. No excuses… so send some of your good mojo my way! 😉

      1. I’ll definitely send some mojo…whether it’s good or not is not yet determined. I just have to warn you – in case it’s a train wreck for you – so that you can’t blame me. 😉 Four years is awesome by the way! You’re a seasoned veteran, just like me! I’m sure your novel will be everything but a train wreck, I’ll be cheering you on tomorrow to reach your goal! =D

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