Lost and Found has a plethora of new readers! Welcome!

First and foremost, I’d like to welcome the new readers of the Emi Lost & Found series. I’m so happy you took a chance on an independent novel, and I hope you enjoy the stories of Nate, Emi and Jack. (Some of you may be cursing me right now, but have a little faith. I promise, it’s worth it.) Thank you so much for your precious time. I know it’s a busy season, but I hope my books can provide a pleasant escape when you need it.

Now on to business…

So, last week, Amazon.com finally price-matched the Kindle version of Lost and Found to free, just as it’s offered for Nook, iBooks and Smashwords. The latter three vendors have listed it as free all of November, but I hadn’t really seen a noticeable bump in sales. Once it went live on Amazon, quite a few people were taking advantage of the offer and my downloads and sales saw a little improvement.

Yesterday morning, I had sold 109 books this month, and given away just over 1500. I was actually considering it a modest success, since I hadn’t really done any real promotion. Around 10am, a few more free books had been downloaded. By 11am, the number jumped by 2,000 books. Curious, I googled myself (and thanks to google’s advanced search tools, I could isolate it to what had been posted in the past hour. There was a blurb for Lost and Found on a website called BookBub.com. The site allows people to sign up to receive notifications of books that go on sale within specific genres of the reader’s choice. I’d never heard of BookBub before, so I did a little research and found some forums where other authors had been impressed with the return on their BookBub advertising investment.

So this is a paid service… but I got it for free. I looked into their prices, and knew immediately it was something I’d be more than willing to pay for. I’d decided I wanted to do another promotion for $35, which would get me a nice little blurb in an uncluttered email targeting readers of women’s fiction. Very reasonable. When I got home from work last night, BookBub.com responded to my sales inquiry, letting me know that they featured my book that day and sent out a blurb to 140,000 targeted readers. I nearly fainted. Twice. I’m still floored by their generosity, kindness, and support of my book.

As yesterday wore on, I started seeing more sales of my three other books. Since yesterday morning, the increases look like this:

Time Stands Still – 310% increase in sales from 11/28am to 11/30pm
  • 11/28am – 31 books sold in November
  • 11/29pm – 77 books sold in November
  • 11/30 noon – 101 books sold in November
  • 11/30pm – 127 books sold in November
Never Look Back – 203% increase in sales from 11/28am to 11/30pm
  • 11/28am – 31 books sold in November
  • 11/29pm – 59 books sold in November
  • 11/30 noon – 72 books sold in November
  • 11/30pm – 94 books sold in November
Not Today, But Someday – 342% increase in sales from 11/28am to 11/30pm
  • 11/28am – 12 books sold in November
  • 11/29pm – 45 books sold in November
  • 11/30 noon – 47 books sold in November
  • 11/30pm – 53 books sold in November
Lost and Found – 1133% increase in free downloads from 11/28am to 11/30pm
  • 11/28am – 1,507
  • 11/29pm – 16,409
  • 11/30 noon – 17,577
  • 11/30pm – 18,588

Is that insanity, or what? And wait! There’s more! This doesn’t include any of the free copies of Lost and Found offered for Nook, nor does it include free or paid copies of any books in the series in the iBookstore… and I know that my free book was up to 103 on the top 300 free books offered through Apple’s channel, so it must have gotten a fair number of downloads.

Speaking of rankings, I got as high as #5 on the Free Kindle book list, and #1 on both the Free Contemporary Fiction and Free Contemporary Romance lists. I spent most of today in the top 10 of Free Kindle books. It’s been an incredible feeling.

Now, most of you are probably thinking ‘wow, those numbers are low!’ If you’re a small-time Indie author like me, these figures aren’t so bad. Typically, I wouldn’t reveal my sales or downloads, but I was so impressed with what BookBub.com did that I want to tell other Indie authors to check them out. Sure, I was fortunate enough to have my book chosen for free (which I suppose they do when they have space available), but this is something that would be worth paying for in most genres, I think.

So, in closing, THANK YOU to my new readers, and THANK YOU BOOKBUB.COM for helping me have the best sales month in the entire year and a half my books have been published. Next time, I’ll pick up the tab!

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