Time Stands Still and Never Look Back will not be free

I noticed there were a few searches today, looking for a free copy of the second book. I will not be offering these books for free anytime soon. I would encourage you to pay for any such materials, and not resort to unauthorized copies of the books. I spent years working on this series, and I don’t charge exorbitant amounts for any of my books. I make very little off of them. I understand what it’s like to be strapped for cash. I can certainly appreciate it.

There are ways to borrow the books at no charge. If a friend of yours bought them on their Kindle, they can loan it to you for two weeks. There is also a site called BookLending.com, and I just did a search there and found both the second and third books are currently available.

Above all, I appreciate your desire to continue on in the series… That’s why I’m trying to give you options that are approved and endorsed by the author!

Thank you for reading!

6 thoughts on “Time Stands Still and Never Look Back will not be free

  1. I have a very big problem and maybe someone can help. I just finished reading Lost and Found and I absolutely loved every part of it except for the last word. I am so afraid to pick up the second book. You have written Nate and Emi so perfect Im afraid I will never appreciate the horrible impending sadness I’ve read about in reviews. I am so upset Im afraid to read the next one yet I am dying to know what happened. This is just too sad!!!

      Hi, Francine… it is an emotional story, and while a few people have simply stopped reading after the first book, I think you’re really missing out on Emi’s true love story. I know you don’t know me, so it’s hard to say “trust me,” but really… Trust me. 🙂 The series is called Emi Lost & Found because it’s her journey. I can get a few other people to chime in, if you’d like. A few of my readers cursed me at first, but thanked me when it was all said and done.

      The thing to remember is that Nate was as happy as he’d ever been… he got the girl he’d always wanted… but maybe there’s something else for Emi…

      Again, I ask you to trust me. 🙂 If you’ll check out Goodreads, you’ll see the second and third books are even more highly-rated than the first… and 99% of the readers were Team Nate fans going into Time Stands Still. If I wrote the story wrong, the ratings wouldn’t show such favorable reviews.

      If you just can’t go on, you can check out the prequel, Not Today, But Someday. It’s the story of how Nate and Emi met.

      I hope you can go on, though… my only recommendation would be to be somewhere private with a box of tissues for the first part. It’s worth it. I promise.

  2. They’re worth SO much more than what you pay for them, that’s for sure. Shame on anybody who wants them for free. Frugality is a great quality, but this isn’t the place for it. The sequels are FANTASTIC and worth every penny!

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