I noticed there were a few searches today, looking for a free copy of the second book. I will not be offering these books for free anytime soon. I would encourage you to pay for any such materials, and not resort to unauthorized copies of the books. I spent years working on this series, and I don’t charge exorbitant amounts for any of my books. I make very little off of them. I understand what it’s like to be strapped for cash. I can certainly appreciate it.

There are ways to borrow the books at no charge. If a friend of yours bought them on their Kindle, they can loan it to you for two weeks. There is also a site called BookLending.com, and I just did a search there and found both the second and third books are currently available.

Above all, I appreciate your desire to continue on in the series… That’s why I’m trying to give you options that are approved and endorsed by the author!

Thank you for reading!