Request Emi Lost and Found at your local library!

Reader Jo Ann emailed me today and told me that she and her friends were on a mission to get my books in her local St. Louis libraries. I’ve kind of taken the library market for granted. The books are available for libraries to purchase through Amazon’s extended distribution channel (for the paperbacks) and on Smashwords (for the ebooks), so I just assumed somehow they’d go on a list and filter down to a library or two in the distant future. It hadn’t occurred to me that I could actually *request* the books to be shelved in a library.

I’m not a library patron, although I did sign up for my very own Dallas library card today. I had to in order to request that they carry my books in their libraries! Now that I think about it, though, I’ve kind of missed libraries. I’m not sure I’ve been in one since college. (God, I’m embarrassed. I buy books. Always.)

Anyway. If you frequent libraries–or even if you just have a library card–consider requesting the books to be carried there! I was able to request mine online, so maybe you can do the same for your local library!

This will help Jo Ann and her friends in their mission to get my books in libraries across the nation! All we need is a little buzz!

Thanks so much to all of you. I’ve gained a plethora of new readers in the past month, and I have very much enjoyed interacting with those of you who’ve reached out to me. This is such a unique and fulfilling experience–one I’ll remember for the rest of my life!

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