Harry Potter kills Hermione Granger!

This entry is about spoilers… and if you haven’t read Harry Potter yet, then I’ll let you keep reading that series to find out if my headline is a true spoiler or not. But surely the entire world has already read it, right? 😉


There is a strange trend in book reviews that is literally driving me BATTY. People are posting spoilers in their reviews, with no warning to people who might read those reviews! Who does this? Who ruins books for people who may want to discover the ending on their own?

Who reads reviews anyway? LOTS of people do. I do. I read the good ones and the bad ones before I buy any book that wasn’t recommended to me by a trusted friend. I do not–I repeat, I DO NOT–want to discover the ending of a book in a 200 word rant from someone who didn’t like the book, nor do I want to read it in a 1,000 word essay from someone who loved the book. I am a reader who likes journeys. I don’t want someone taking the pleasure of a good book (or the agony of a bad book) away from me. In a review, I like to hear about character development, believable plots, whether or not the author bothered to edit the novel. Other readers might want to hear about other things, but I think most people will agree with me about spoilers.

So stop posting them in reviews, please!

I’ve had multiple people decide to not read “the book” because they found out the ending before they even started. It breaks my heart. And a few of the people that pushed on and read “the book” anyway are reading it with their guard up. They’re unable to enjoy the journey fully, and that makes me sad.

I could understand if the vast majority of the world felt the same way these people who reveal spoilers do… but I can tell you right now, the majority of the world does not feel that way. It seems most of the reviews I’ve seen that blatantly spoil the ending are left by people who did not like “the book” and/or were unhappy with the ending. Well, I’m here to tell you that “the book” has a 4+ star rating on the major book review/bookseller sites. In addition, the second and third books have even higher ratings. That means most people like the story.

I receive plenty of ‘hate’ mail (or just weepy, ‘pay for my therapy’ messages) every week. That’s awesome. Keep it up. Dish it to me in private, but don’t ruin the story for everyone else. It’s really just… not nice. Please let people make their own discoveries and judgments. I would appreciate it, and I’m sure thousands of other authors would, too.

Now go read something. 🙂

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