Here’s part 1 of my interview with Anita, from her cool human interest blog, Noted in Nashville. (You should check out some other posts while you’re there!)

Noted in Nashville

Emi Lost & Found Series.  Noted in Nashville.Interview with Lori L. Otto, Author of Emi Lost & Found

Part I of II

The first thing I found compelling as I read Lori L. Otto’s Emi Lost & Found series was the obvious affection the author feels for her characters.  They are not flat, half-baked characters – rolled and punched out with a cookie-cutting kit for book writers: “Heroine,” “Love Interest,” “Roommate,” “Antagonist.”  Lori has breathed life into these characters.  Or is it the other way around?  When a writer devotes himself or herself to a story, it’s hard to tell the difference.

This allowed me to trust the journey I was about to take with Emi.  I felt a familiarity with her, with Nate, and with the other people in their lives.  They let me into their world, hid nothing from me, and offered me a chance to feel what they feel.  This is all I ever…

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