Contessa (Choisie, book 1) is $.99 for a limited time!

Contessa coverContessa has been marked down to 75% off through Thursday the 21st! If you haven’t purchased it yet, now’s the time to get it for a great price. If you’ve already purchased it and read it, isn’t there someone you’d like to give the book to? All of the resellers have gifting options, and it’s a great gift for mature teens and adults alike!

Here’s the synopsis:

When she was four, a generous couple welcomed orphan Olivia Sophia into their lives. As she grew up, her parents made good decisions for her, raising “Livvy” to be an intelligent and creative young girl. Now sixteen, three people influence many of her choices: her first love, her second father, and a third man who speaks to her through his artwork.

Livvy’s father is practical and steadfast; even-tempered and quietly observant. She’s an artist who acts on her emotions and thrives on attention. Unhappy with their differences– and misunderstanding her father’s methods– Livvy chooses to focus on the similarities she shares with an enigmatic painter from her mother’s past. Her overactive imagination leads her down an obsessive path– one that only stands to hurt everyone around her.

The distraction of a new boyfriend has the potential to end her search and reunite her family, but his involvement in her life could be just as devastating, taking Livvy away from her father for good.

Sounds good, right? Yes, this is a spin-off to my Contemporary Fiction series Emi Lost & Found, but there are a few readers who started with this book and thoroughly enjoyed it. I tried to include enough of the history to ensure it all made sense, and I think I did a pretty good job. That’s what they tell me, anyway.

Where can you get it?  Glad you asked! Click here for all of your options!

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