New FAQs page added

FAQs here!

These questions are answered:

Q. Where can I download any/all of your books for free?

Q. What age-range is recommended for Contessa, and why?

Q. What genre is the Emi Lost & Found series?

Q. What happens at the end of Lost and Found?

Q. Why should I read on? I’m devastated after X, Y, or Z!

Q. Are you doing any book signings this year?

2 thoughts on “New FAQs page added

  1. Lori, word is spreading – Emi Lost & Found is a must read. I told my sister-in-law yesterday (in Nashville) about your books. When I pulled up your blog she said, “I just read about these books on another blog!” (Not mine, by the way.) I was thrilled that she had already heard about you.

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