Book Sales : Actual to Goal

Actual to goal

Just thought I’d give you all a visual of the chart that intimidates me every day of my life.  Now, this isn’t exactly accurate. In order for me to be able to leave my current job, I only need to hit my goal for four consecutive months, not the whole year. And that’s not entirely accurate, either. I need to hit the goal AND increase my revenue each of those four consecutive months. I’m not putting dollar amounts, but you can see I haven’t gotten near the goal quite yet. I haven’t given up hope yet, either. My readers keep me going, so thank you, dear readers!

2 thoughts on “Book Sales : Actual to Goal

  1. We keep spreading the word! Just got a friend of mine to start Lost and Found yesterday! You will get there! With your amazing talent, there’s not a doubt in the world!

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