Two color
I kind of can’t believe it. Two years ago today, I bit the bullet and released my sweet Nate and Emi out into the wild for public inspection and ridicule. Together, we’ve grown thick skin, and added Jack, Livvy and Jon to our little world. When I started writing again back in 2008, I had deep-rooted fear that this was just a passing fancy – that I would get tired of writing or run out of ideas or quit when the publishing part required more attention than I wanted to give it. Back then, I wanted to believe that I’d be where I am today, but I honestly didn’t.

I’m so glad I proved myself wrong.

Trust me, there are plenty of times when I wish I could rewind and just get lost in the story all night long like I used to before I had to worry about sales and marketing. Back then, I could survive on two to three hours of sleep every night. It’s not like that anymore. The business side of publishing really does require an inordinate amount of my time and zaps a considerable amount of my energy.

I am starting to think this is all just a state of mind, though. I think I can push myself further and get back to the joy of writing for four, five, even six hours at a time. That was when I was happiest. I want to get back there, but I know I can’t abandon the work I’ve done to get where I am today. This has been such a rewarding time for me, getting feedback from readers and interacting with people who are truly becoming friends. I feel so blessed that what I’ve done has brought me here.

Thank you to everyone who’s put up with me for the past four and a half years. Friendships have been strained, I know, but I hope that I’ll turn a corner soon, and have more time to write – and more time to focus more on the people who’ve stood by me from the beginning. Your belief in me means the world. Thank you.