Sex, smoking and bad behavior in Not Today, But Someday

I read a review today that is really rubbing me the wrong way. The anonymous reader said that the prequel was horrible, and made the statement that it is one of the worst books, morally-speaking, because of the sex and smoking.

I get my share of one-star reviews, and I understand people are entitled to their opinions.  But sometimes it’s obvious that people didn’t even finish a book by the comments they leave. While I would prefer that people who don’t finish a book refrain from reviewing it, I realize that’s not going to happen. Sometimes that says more about a book than any string of insults could. That’s fine. But state that you didn’t finish the book in the review in the spirit of full disclosure. Otherwise, claims made can be just plain wrong!

Had this person finished the book, she would learn that the main male character quits smoking, and both of the characters make a pact to be abstinent. This book is pro-family, focuses on a platonic friendship, and encourages forgiveness of others’ past transgressions.

Feel free to comment if you agree or disagree.

8 thoughts on “Sex, smoking and bad behavior in Not Today, But Someday

  1. I downloaded your prequel on my amazon kindle….fell in love with your book! Immediately bought the three book series. I didn’t want it to end so I went right into CONTESSA. I just loved the bond Nate and Emi formed in the prequel and I kept falling in love with the characters as I moved through the books…I LOVED THEM and have gotten a few friend to begin the series…

  2. Teenagers smoke, and teenagers have sex. If the series had been aimed at a YA audience, maybe it would be inappropriate, but the series is clearly not YA. (The prequel could work as a standalone YA piece, I suppose, but not the series). Nate smoked, but he was ostracized into quitting by the one person he really cared about.
    As far as reviews, I don’t write reviews for books I don’t finish–that seems unethical to me. I’ve read a few books where a clear two-star story redeemed itself up to four with a brilliant third act, so I’m inclined to stick with it, even if only for morbid curiosity. Also, if a book is headed for a one-star review, I’m more apt to lose interest and bail.
    Finally, if I do one-star a book, I won’t typically put it on Amazon. I’ll review it on Goodreads and booksandmoviesandcrap.com (my blog), of course, but not on a pay site. I think I’ve only one-starred two or three books in the past year and a half–I’m always pulling for books and authors. I don’t put every review on Amazon, either. I do it for Indie authors and ARC’s, but I think the world can live without one more four-star review of “The Hunger Games.”
    Oh, and congrats on your anniversary, as well as being all famous now. 😉

  3. You are right! If someone leaves a one star rating on your book they obviously hv not read it all the way through. Can’t wait for the contessa series to be done! I can’t start the first one until second one is completed. It is loaded on my nook ready to go though!

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