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I’ve been silent for days, but last week, an Indie author posted that she wanted some book recommendations, and then she went on a rant about why she doesn’t want books written by Indie authors.

I’m sorry?

You know, it’s really poor form to perpetuate the stereotype of Indie books as if all Indie authors are talentless hacks. I don’t believe SHE is, and I’ve actually recommended her books to friends. Will I do that again? Absolutely not.

Just because she’s received moderate success and acceptance doesn’t mean there aren’t hundreds more of us who are AT LEAST as talented as she is – if not more – fighting that battle of readers’ preconceived notions of what Indie books are and are not.

How dare her! Honestly! And there were a few readers who defended Indie authors, but not enough… not enough to convince me that the stereotype isn’t still lingering in the backs of people’s minds.

So my advice to her? Stop bashing one of the things that unites us and makes us unique. We’re fighters, and many of us can write better books than a good portion of the books on the NYT Best Sellers list. Give all books a fair chance;  don’t discount books that haven’t been picked up by a traditional publisher; and under no circumstances should you put a negative spin on Indie authors just because you picked up a couple of books that didn’t meet your expectations. That happens with ALL types of books.

I wonder how many of her own readers will walk away from her upcoming release, believing it to be of lesser quality than the next traditionally-published-but-can’t-possibly-live-up-to-the-hype book. Hmmm… I wonder…

One thought on “Indie Authors

  1. What the hell is that all about!!! The very best work I’ve read is from an Indie author!! Quite frankly, I think Indie authors are true to their story and themselves. It’s always best to remember and embrace where you came from cause life has a way of coming back and biting you in the ass if you don’t!!!

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