As most of you know, I’ll be heading to Orlando on Thursday to participate in Book Bash. It’s my first book signing, and I’m beyond excited to be among so many other authors and – more importantly – so many passionate readers! I’ll get the business stuff out of the way first.

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Now, for those of you coming to Book Bash, I have something special for the first 25 people who come to my table: the first printed edition of Number 7, which is the prequel to an upcoming series revolving around Steven Holland. For the first 25 people, it will be FREE!* You may not know who he is now, but if you read my books, you will recognize him as the brother of the main character from Never Look Back. I can’t emphasize this enough… if you like Jack Holland – and if you’ve read my books, there’s a good chance you do – just wait until you get to know Steven. I have fallen hopelessly in love with this guy, and although his series is still being worked on, I can’t wait to get back to his story. I think he’s the most relatable man I’ve written. The prequel will give you a peek into his family life and love life.

While you’re at Book Bash, stop by to say hi, pick up some swag, get a book signed, or sample some excerpts from Lost and Found and Contessa. I look forward to meeting you!

Lastly, for Book Bash attendees, please look in your goodie bag for a special offer, too! I want everyone to get a taste of my writing.

*One per person, please. (Also, this hinges on them being delivered… and I see no reason why they wouldn’t be (they’re actually being held at a UPS facility in Orlando and should be delivered Thursday), but I just feel like I need to make that statement.)