Ever wonder how many people have read my books?

Probably not, but I was curious, so I went and looked at all my historical sales to get an estimate of how many people have actually had the ABILITY to read the entire Emi Lost & Found series. These are sales of either the third book in the series or the bundled series.


My estimate? Less than 7,000 people. So those of you who’ve actually finished the series (and I guarantee it’s a MUCH smaller number), consider yourself in an elite group. You’re in the know. You’re special.

Did you know that the bundled series has a rating of 4.68 stars on Goodreads? And 4.7 stars on Amazon.com? (That’s out of 5 stars, with 5 being the highest rating.) People who finish the series seem to enjoy it. Is it a commitment? Yes. Will it break you, financially? No. (It’s $7.99 for three full-length books if you buy them all at once.) Will it break you emotionally? Yes. Will it put you back together again?

I can’t tell you that. You should probably read the series to find out.

You can start here for free. This is a prequel novella that isn’t much of a time commitment, nor will it touch your bank account. Or, you can accept that you’re going to like young Emi and Nate, and you can take the leap here.

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