In early July, I set out to get some bloggers to review the ENTIRE Emi Lost & Found series. Although a few bloggers have read all the books, most of the reviews I’ve seen focus only on Lost and Found, the first book in the series.

Kelli from Alphas, Authors & Books Oh My took the challenge. I was following her on Twitter, and she posted about her progress. Honestly, I was just excited to see that she was going to get all the way through the series. When she ordered a set of paperbacks toward the end of last week, I thought, “Hey, I guess she liked them!”

I did not expect the review I got.

The title of it was “The Best Books You’re Not Reading.”  Her rating? 

“Incomparable brilliance. Off the charts perfection. 5+ stars!”

Here’s a highlight, but I really want you to go to her page and read the whole thing yourself:

Can you get PTSD from reading a book? Because I still haven’t recovered from the distress I suffered at the hands of Lori Otto. I absolutely LOVED book one. It is literary perfection. Great love story, great characters, perfect pacing – why would I need Kleenex? Oh. The end of the book makes things clear. I cannot even lie, I needed a break after finishing. You get left hanging and though the direction the story is heading seems clear, you’re holding out hope that things will turn out the opposite of what you’re fearing. After about a half hour (and a quick chat with the book twin), I started book two. The immediate reaction was relief. Seconds later this was followed by complete heartbreak and heartache. Cue the ugly cries. Instant, complete, and utter devastation at the hands of my iPad. I felt betrayed. How could she (Otto) do this to us?? It wasn’t fair! – Kelli, Alphas, Authors & Books Oh My

She continues a little later:

Book three is beautiful. The story is ready to conclude, and as much as you want it to end, you also don’t. You want it to go in forever. This book is about moving on and it too is filled with some agonizing moments. These characters have come a long way since the first book and it’s beautiful to watch them grow.– Kelli, Alphas, Authors & Books Oh My

She says more amazing things that touched me personally, and give you reason to read the books. I cannot thank her enough!

If you’re on the fence about reading this series, at least read Kelli’s review. It may change your mind.