Some new readers have discovered me recently – people who weren’t here for the infusion of new stories into the mix. Here’s the suggested reading order of all the books, stories, alternate POVs, etc. The items in grey have not been released yet. I do not have release dates for any future books.

I encourage all readers to start with my Emi Lost & Found series.

Emi Lost & Found series – my first series, and the foundation for all the other books so far:

Beyond Emi Lost & Found, you can choose either spin-off to read next. While related, the stories are not dependent on one another.

Choisie series – a YA/NA spin-off of Emi Lost & Found about Livvy:

  • Contessa (novel)
  • Jackson (short story – takes place, chronologically, before Contessa, but is best read after)
  • Prom night (alternate POV – Jon)
  • Olivia
  • Dear Jon (coming in 2014)
  • Livvy (unreleased)

Steven War & Peace – Contemporary Fiction spin-off of Emi Lost & Found about Steven Holland:

  • Number 7
  • Untitled Book 1 (unreleased)
  • Untitled Book 2 (unreleased)
  • Untitled Book 3 (unreleased)

This is a timeline of the stories so you can see the chronological order… this is more of an FYI than a recommendation of reading order, because this is NOT the reading order I would recommend: