Emi Lost and Found Group Read – with Merit Badges!

So, Triple M Bookclub on Facebook has created an event that’s taking off around the Internet! From September 6 – October 31, there will be a group read (or re-read, for some) of the entire Emi Lost & Found series. I will be participating, as will about 20 of my most dedicated readers. We will be the ‘support group’ for new readers. We are all very excited about this, too – but I wanted to make it fun for everyone, and include a new element for ALL readers!

First, get your books! The prequel is free, and the least expensive way to get the series is to buy the bundle! It’s $3 cheaper, in fact!

After reading certain specified chapters in the books – reaching different milestones – all readers will be able to display virtual ‘merit badges‘ on their Facebook walls, Instagram accounts, Twitter feeds, etc. Beginning September 6, I will display all of the badges here on the blog (as well as my Facebook page) for you to grab after reading the designated chapters. Here’s a preview, though:

Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 9.53.01 PM

Multiple blogs will also be participating alongside these individual readers. They have been offered the chance to earn a set of 12 Emi Lost & Found-related buttons. (Actual physical buttons that look just like the merit badges!) Some may opt to acquire a second set of buttons for one of their readers. The list below includes all the bloggers who are taking part in this. It will be updated as more join!

For all the readers who participate, I’ll have a special drawing at the beginning of November for a signed set of paperbacks of the Emi Lost & Found series. Details will come soon on how you can enter!

Remember, the group read and merit badge collecting starts on September 6. Mark your calendars, join Triple M Bookclub (and their event), and read your hearts out! This series is a journey – but even without merit badges, it’s very rewarding!

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