Read a book and save a whale!

Just say NO to captive ORCAS!
Just say NO to captive ORCAS!

A little over a month ago, I rediscovered my love for whales. I was fascinated in high school, but like a lot of things we’re interested in when we’re younger, I sort of left them behind. My co-worker introduced me to a documentary called The Whale, and I haven’t looked back. I want to devour everything I can on the subject of whales and dolphins now, and I want to do whatever I can to a) help the whales find their way out of captivity, b) stop the illegal and unnecessary slaughtering of whales and dolphins, and c) educate other people about the horrors these beautiful and intelligent creatures face at the hands of humans.

To help with those causes, I’m going to donate ALL of the proceeds of my books (ebooks and paperbacks) from today through Cyber Monday to Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC). Please, if you haven’t bought the books yet, I beg of you, buy them this weekend and help my efforts. If you think your friends might enjoy a good love story, send them a gift of Emi Lost & Found. If any teens that you know like books of family drama, buy them a copy of Contessa. This is not a political issue. It’s about ethics. It’s about doing the right thing for creatures who don’t talk our language and can’t speak up for themselves. We have to be their voices and inform others of the injustices that are done to them on a daily basis. We do not own these animals. They have the same right to be on this planet as we do. Flipper is not our dolphin. Shamu is not our whale. They belong to the earth, and they should have the privilege to enjoy the lives they were given.

Please help! Buy the books this weekend, share this post, or donate to WDC yourself!  (Photo taken from the WDC website.)

Purchase links for paperbacks, Kindle ebooks, Nook ebooks, iBooks ebooks, and other formats are available here.

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