Jack Vs Livvy

“I’m sorry,” I tell him softly.  “I know you’re upset with me.”

“Disappointed,” he corrects me.  “I’m disappointed in you.  I’m upset with that boy out there.  How dare he–”  He stops himself, realizing the volume of his angered voice.

“Listen to me, Dad.”  I decide to stand up, tucking my fingers beneath the lip of his desk and gripping tightly, bracing myself.  “It is not his fault.”

“A year ago, my daughter would never be caught in a moment like that.  What’s changed?” he asks.  “Oh, yes.  That boy has walked in and made you forget everything that’s important about family and propriety and… and… and manners!”

“You’re overreacting!”

“Do not tell me I’m overreacting, Olivia Sophia.”

“Daddy, what’s changed is that I’ve turned sixteen and I started dating someone that I really care about.  I’ll have you know that Jon was very uncomfortable when I kissed him like that, but we hadn’t seen each other in days, and I wanted him to know I missed him.  I haven’t forgotten about family–sh*t, Dad–”


“Sorry,” I say, “I’m just frustrated, but I’m sorry.  Daddy, I’ve spent the last five days cooped up with family, so don’t tell me I’ve forgotten about them.  I haven’t.”

“So just the propriety and manners.”

“You’ve never gotten carried away by your emotions?”

“I do my best to keep my private matters in private locations.”

“I didn’t know we were being photographed, Dad.”

“And I didn’t know I’d needed to remind you that this event would be a huge public spectacle, seeing as how she’s revered in this city.  Common sense, Liv.  Have some, okay?”

“Okay, I’m sorry,” I say, moderately offended at his suggestion.  My temper begins to flare.  “It was stupid of me.  Next time I kiss him like that, I’ll make sure we’re someplace private.”

He raises his eyebrows at me.  “Oh, I can make sure there won’t be a next time,” he threatens.  “You’re grounded.”

“No, Dad,” I argue.  “You can’t ground me for kissing him.  Sorry, but you know that’s been happening, and you know it will continue to happen.  In the end, that’s all that happened.  I didn’t invite this publicity.  I’ll be more aware of my surroundings from now on.  That has to be good enough for now.”

©2014 Lori L. Otto