How Not Today, But Someday fits into the Emi Lost and Found series

A lot of people ask me about reading order of Emi Lost & Found. Not Today, But Someday is – yes – the prequel, but it was written more than a year after the original series was published. To me, I think you get a better handle on the relationship between Emi and Nate if you read the prequel first, but many of my readers say they get more out of it after reading the rest of the series.

So the ultimate choice is yours. Here are some facts about Not Today, But Someday:

  • It takes place in 1995. Lost and Found (the first novel in the series) begins on New Years Eve in 2006.
  • Nate and Emi are in high school. Therefore, by definition, the book is Young Adult (but there is a tiny bit of ‘language’). The rest of the Emi Lost & Found series is NOT YA. It’s contemporary fiction with elements of romance (translation: there is sex).
  • It’s a novella, about 200 pages. That’s about half the length of any of the other books in the series.
  • It’s currently free!

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