I’m about to give up on reading reviews altogether

I want to live in a time when authors can stand up for themselves. I’m tired of personal attacks in reviews. I would like to see a change in the way reviews are handled.


I do not lack talent because Nate and Emi use curse words. This is how some characters speak. Emi didn’t have to be brought up in a ‘bad household’ to learn to use the F-word. I grew up in a good, Catholic home – believe it or not – and I did not learn the F-word from Mom and Dad. I listened to music and watched movies and went to high school. I learned the F-word, but I also learned creative writing, and I learned how to compose a story that makes people truly feel something for the characters.

I have talent.

I understand how some readers wouldn’t see that when they only read a little over 1% of the words I’ve written and published.

I know some people would prefer less profanity – or even no profanity – but I want my books to be real and authentic, and this is how people in my world talk.

Have an open mind. Escape your world. Be one with the characters. #avoidtheoctopus

If you don’t like books with profanity or vulgarity, and you stop reading one chapter in because Emi used the F-word or teenage Nate had sex and/or a cigarette, don’t review the books. I don’t like horror movies, but I’d never go into one, watch the first 10 minutes, and then leave a bad review because it’s a horror movie.

If you’re choosey about this sort of thing, and would like a little forewarning, here’s a summary of language in my books, by character:

  • Nate and Emi use foul language regularly.
  • Jack seldom uses curse-words, and in situations when he does, it’s probably when most non-cursing people would, too.
  • Donna does not curse.
  • Livvy doesn’t swear in Contessa; neither does Jon… but Livvy does start testing out limits with her parents in Olivia, but it’s mild.
  • Steven and Renee both use foul language.
  • Matty can be a little crude at times, too.

* This is just my opinion and my opportunity to vent on my blog. Please do not take this as a request to go harass reviewers. I am anti-bullying, 100%… and since Amazon/Goodreads gives all readers that forum, they’re allowed to say almost anything there with no recourse. 

6 thoughts on “I’m about to give up on reading reviews altogether

  1. Hey lori, OMG you are soooo young and soooo very talented…I just finished your books and boy, did I cry. I actually felt the pain and the happiness and the love and all of it. I personally related to your books in so many ways not that I had suffer the pain Emy did but maybe in a different level…if people can only highlight the curse words after reading your books they lack emotions in their lives. You my dear are gifted and we readers are lucky …don’t ever stop writing…real life, real people can absolutely go through what Emy , Nate, Chris and Jack did… what a journey, now tell me is its based on a true story or its all come from your gift???? just curious.

  2. You have talent, there is NO denying that. This may sound crazy, but I actually *like* that your characters use the “F” word, Nate had a cigarette and teenage sex. It made these characters all the more real. Some people can find fault in anything. It’s a shame that they didn’t actually read the book. They missed out on an amazing journey, full of characters that are so real and so true, you feel like you’re in the book. It’s a shame that reviewer won’t get to experience that, but it is their loss. Tell us where that review is, and if I can comment on it, I’d be more than happy to. Just like you said, I don’t like horror movies, but if I did go to see one, I wouldn’t even feel qualified to write a review because it’s not my “speciality”. Obviously, this person doesn’t have the ability to spot talent.

  3. I think it is truly appalling that you, or any author for that matter, would/should receive horrible reviews because of language used by characters in the books written. It is your choice to write how you choose, and our choice as readers to choose to read or not to read, so I do not see any just cause as giving a negative review for foul language, intercourse before marriage, drug/alcohol use, etc., when knowing the kind of books that I am reading beforehand. I feel the people leaving those types of reviews just are negative people all together and that is the way they live their lives everyday trying to bring down everyone else with them. I am sorry this is happening to you, because I find you to be a fantastic author/writer. Oh and these same people leaving negative reviews for you, would they leave negative reviews for say Catcher in the Rye or Of Mice and Men, or other such classics where language, or scenes may not be up to what they are thinking/feeling is “acceptable” writing?

  4. Lori- these half arsed reviews aren’t worthy of your time. If people aren’t going to read due to a simple F word, then there is a hell of a lot of awesome books out there they are going to miss out on. They probably hear that word more walking past people in the street than written in books…

    You said it yourself above – You have talent!! U know that, we know that! If you didn’t think the Emi Lost and Found series was an amazing read, you wouldn’t of hit publish… Have faith In Your ability cause your certainly have plenty of that!!

    Now go read all the awesome 5 star reviews and see how much we all love Emi, Nate and Jack! ( ohhh Jack! I love thee lol)….

    Big hugs xxxx

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