So… there were soooo many good entries! Literally! So many that I couldn’t pick a favorite picture, or two, or twenty. I’m lame, I know. But a few entrants were repeatedly in my favorites column, so to me, it wasn’t too difficult to pick the winning readers!

In first place, and the winner of a $25 gift card, is Christine Thompson! Everything was just so original… and so soft, and sweet! Here is a compilation of just some of my favorite entries of hers!

photo 1

In second place is a name you’ve probably heard of before… it’s Christi Allen Curtis, who was awesome enough to design my new Emi Lost & Found covers! Many of her entries featured original photography (and some included her adorable kids). She gets a $15 gift card, and here is a sampling of what she did!

Christi Allen Curtis

And last but not least is Daniela Conde Padrón, the master (mistress?) of simplicity. Her design work is understated, yet poignant and beautiful. Daniela will get a $10 gift card! Look at her entries!

Daniela Conde Padrón

There were simply so many lovely photos and layouts. Thank you to everyone who took the time to simply enter one photo! It meant the world to me!