Read Contessa for 99¢ before Olivia comes out on the 17th!


From June 13th to the 16th, CONTESSA – the first book in my Choisie series – will be marked down to 99¢! That’s 75% off! If you haven’t read it yet, now’s the time to get it, or if you want your friends to get caught up, let them know of this great offer!

The Choisie series is more than Young Adult, so don’t skip over this just because that’s not your genre of choice. This is a real (yet fictional) story about first love. It will take you back to those days of carefree adolescence, when love from your boyfriend was the only thing you’d ever need in life. Many of us have grown up and loved many other times… but there will never be another like your first love. However it ended–bad or good–you will relate to a lot of the feelings experienced by our heroine and her love.

And if you haven’t been in love yet, well, you’re about to be…

It’s not just that a series about teenage sweethearts, though. This is about families, too. It’s about how parents struggle to make sure their children are making good choices–the right choices–without being so overbearing that the child rebels. It’s also about children coming to terms with the mistakes their parents have made. This is about patience and acceptance, but above all, it’s about love.

Choisie is a series of LOVE. This is your chance to experience first love a second time.

CONTESSA: Artistically-gifted Livvy was adopted by wealthy parents when she was four. Twelve years later, she’s fallen in love with an underprivileged boy who has an extraordinary mind. Though their pasts couldn’t be more diverse, the futures of Jon and Livvy follow the same path.  Livvy’s unhealthy obsession with another man threatens everything she’s worked for – her art, the stability in her family, and her relationship with Jon.

Don’t forget, OLIVIA – the next book in the series – will be released on Tuesday, June 17th! You’ll want to be ready to jump right in to Livvy’s next chapter!

Purchase links for CONTESSA are below:

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