Changes to book availability

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Hello, readers!

Due to some recent piracy issues, I am no longer offering the sale of my ebooks through channels other than iBooks, Kindle and Nook. In the past, I have used a reputable site (we’ll call it Stompbooks, even though that’s not the actual name) that sells books and support authors, but the way they make their books available to readers makes it far too easy to distribute them in a manner that is against the authors’ copyrights.

When I found my newest book, Olivia, offered on a piracy site today – less than a week after it had been released – I investigated further. Stompbooks has a required copyright page so it is easily identifiable as a Stompbooks book. Sure enough, the multiple copies I was able to download (after I did my DMCA Takedown Notice, and after the site said the book was removed from the servers) were imprinted with the special Stompbooks verbiage.

It is unfortunate that I need to restrict my sales channels in order to protect my own work, but there are apparently far more dishonest and/or entitled people in the world than I wanted to believe.

To read ebooks of my series, you still have many options to read on handheld devices or computers. Kindle and iBooks both have a desktop application now that lets you read on your computer. Most tablets have apps for both Nook books and Kindle books.

All of my books are also available in paperback… and there are plans to release a special paperback of all the extras and short stories that I’ve released in both of my series so no one has to miss out on any content.

Stompbooks will continue to be a resource to get my only free book, which is Not Today, But Someday (the prequel to Emi Lost & Found). I have no intention of removing that book, as it is a way for me to legally introduce my work to anyone who is curious about my books without forcing them to go to piracy sites.

The following ebooks are offered for sale only:

  • Lost and Found
  • Time Stands Still
  • Never Look Back
  • The Complete Emi Lost & Found series
  • Contessa
  • Olivia

If you have a copy of one or more of these books that you didn’t pay for, or that you didn’t legally receive as a gift from me or through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or iBooks, then you are reading a stolen copy. Even if it wasn’t you that downloaded the book – even if that was gifted to you through email or file transfer – it is a stolen copy. Please remove that book from your email and devices and purchase the book legally. Visit my Where To Buy page for links!

As for pricing, none of my individual books are priced higher than $4 each. The bundled series of Emi Lost & Found gives you four books for $9. My books are lengthy, so they’re all a good deal.

Fortunately, I know there are many, many, MANY decent and honest people who have bought my books. I want to thank all of them for helping to support my writing. Someday, I hope there are enough like-minded readers out there so that I can leave my desk job behind and devote all of my time to writing.

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