Olivia outtake!

I was going through my Evernotes today and I found this little snippet…

SPOILER ALERT of you haven’t read Olivia…

So, originally, after Jack and Jon visit the dorm to confront Jon’s hacker-roomie, they were going to go have dinner together—just the two of them. In the book, they have this conversation in Jack’s office as Emi and Livvy eavesdrop…

The conversation was the same until the end… and then Jack went all soft in this version.

Makes me love him even more. Here it is!

“That being said, I don’t approve of what you two have decided to do.  I would ask that you at least consider my request to wait until after she graduates to…”  Jack’s voice trails off.

Could we wait?  I know I can’t.  “Of course I’ll consider it.”

He finishes his glass of scotch, then signals to our waitress for another.  “I have one more thing to discuss with you,” he says.

“Sure,” I say, tentative.

“This is not as Livvy’s dad, but as a man with a certain amount of worldly knowledge.”

“Go ahead.”

“I know you haven’t had much of a male role model, growing up.  I know your dad was fairly distant.  Even when he would accompany you to Art Room events, I often thought that you two seemed more like strangers than a father and son.”

I look at my hands, my fingers wringing together, waiting for him to continue.  He sits quietly, too, and I finally look up at him.  “What’s your point?”

“I’m sorry,” he says.

“I don’t need your pity.”

“And I’m not here to give it to you.  If you ever need to talk–”  I bust out laughing at his suggestion.  “Hey,” he interrupts me sternly.  “Do you have any idea how difficult this is for me to say?”

“I can only imagine,” I say, still smiling.

“As Livvy’s father, I would never say this, but as a man with more empathy than I know what to do with… if you ever need to talk–”

“I appreciate that, Jack, but let me stop you right there.  My uncle Ray has stepped in and provided me more guidance than I ever thought he’d be capable of.”

“I’m glad to hear that.”

“That being said, I know that you would be there for me, you know… if I ever needed that.”

“Okay.  As long as you know that.”

“I do.”

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