It’s decided! Dear Jon will be released on Tuesday, August 26th! This is the third book in my Choisie series, so if you need to catch up, check out this page for info on where to buy Contessa and Olivia!

Here’s a little tidbit from one of Jon’s flashbacks of… well, it was a special night in the lives of Jon and Livvy.

“Maybe we should swim tonight, before we settle in,” I’d suggested.

“You’re crazy, right?”

“Some of us have never been in water like this,” I reminded her.  “This is nothing like the Atlantic.”

“Jon, we can barely see what’s in the water!”

“What water?” I asked, picking her up swiftly in my arms and wading further into the surf, toward the moon.

“Jon!” she shrieked.  “You have no idea how deep it is!”

“Well, I know you can swim, so…”  I kept walking, my pants now soaked to the knee.  There were other swimmers wading nearby, so I didn’t think we’d be in danger of finding ourselves in deep water.  She put her arms around my neck and held on tight.  I stopped walking to kiss her.

“There could be sharks,” she whispered, her eyes sparkling in the light.

“Sharks here are harmless,” I assured her.  I took a few more steps, stopping just before she’d have any chance of getting water on her clothes.

“You’re crazy.  Definitely,” she said.

“So no swimming tonight?”

“No,” she laughed.  “Even though you’re halfway there.”

“It’s pretty cold.  But that’s the only reason I’m not dropping you in the ocean and stripping down to my boxers.”

“Take me back to land, please.  And remind me what the signs of hypothermia are… slurred speech, right?  Poor decision making?  See you’ve already got it,” she teased me.

“Lethargy is a symptom,” I told her, propping her up and turning back around.  “And I am as alive and awake as I’ve ever been right now.  I feel like I could swim out to the horizon and back.”

“The horizon never ends, you know…”  I stopped walking again and kissed her once more.  Her kisses were slow and deep.

“I do know.  I am so excited about tonight, Olivia… a shark attack couldn’t stop me.”

“Good, because there’s a fin in the water.”

Dear Jon ©2014 Lori L. Otto

As always, thank you a million times over to Daniela at Lost in a Book Blog for her beautiful graphic! I am a designer and do a lot of my own things, but her creativity and passion has allowed me to focus on the book, and I can’t thank her enough.  (Thank you thank you thank you!)