Over the next 25 days, in anticipation of my upcoming release, Dear Jon, I will be posting 30 separate “themes” that appear in the book. Most will be posted to my Instagram page and to my Facebook author page. I may include a quote relating to some of the words, if I’m feeling generous.  😉 Consider these little hints about the things Livvy will confront Jon with in her letters.

If you haven’t added Dear Jon to your Goodreads TBR list, do it now! You’ll also get the full synopsis and at least one early review from a trusted beta reader. Still haven’t read Contessa and/or Olivia, the first two books in the Choisie series? Check out this page for purchase links!

Thanks once more to Daniela at Lost in a Book Blog for not only creating these beautiful “themes” (which will make even more sense when you read the book), but for thinking of the idea in the first place! She’s in marketing for a reason, folks. And if you haven’t checked out their blog, you should. It’s beautifully done and they have a very nice community of both bloggers and authors. Plus, Daniela and Soreonne have good taste in books!