Contessa Re-Releases with short story Jackson!

Tuesday, August 12th, Contessa will re-release with a new publisher! This new version will include the short story, Jackson, which has only been available before in the Choisie facebook group. If you liked Emi Lost & Found, but haven’t ventured into this spin-off series, you will want to check out Contessa at least for the short story. There’s a happy surprise contained in it.

But let me talk about Contessa for a little bit. It isn’t just a spin-off to my original series. In fact, you don’t have to read Emi Lost & Found first.  The Choisie series is Young Adult/New Adult. It follows a teenage girl, taken in by a generous and wealthy couple, as she struggles to find her footing under the scrutiny of local media and the cautious eye of her overprotective father.

Livvy Holland is a burgeoning artist, encouraged by her mother and inspired by a man she was never able to meet. An adopted child, she questions whether or not she was paired with the right guardians. In her plight for independence, she reconnects with a fellow art student who grew up alongside Livvy.

Jon Scott has led anything but a privileged life. After his father passes away, he is left to care for his two half-brothers while his mother’s alcoholism threatens to tear his family apart. All he wants for himself and his brothers is a better life. He will soon graduate as the valedictorian of his class, with hopes of getting scholarships to the Ivy League school nearby. He wants all of this for himself, but he also knows that the man who will win Livvy’s heart has to be someone exceptional. Her father would accept nothing less–and Jon believes that Livvy deserves the best of everything, too.

That may be the only thing Jon and Livvy’s father, Jack, agree upon.

Contessa is book one of the Choisie series, a collection of four books that will remind you of–or possibly show you for the first time–all the wonders first love has to offer. Olivia, the second book in the series, was released in June, and the third book, Dear Jon, will be released later this month! The goal is to finish up the series by the end of the year.

Contessa has a 4.45 average and nearly 200 5-star reviews on Goodreads; it has a 4.8 rating and nearly 60 5-star reviews on

Olivia has a 4.68 average and 85 5-star reviews on Goodreads; it has a 4.8 rating and over 30 5-star reviews on

Dear Jon is currently being reviewed by ARC readers, and so far, it has a 4.93 average on Goodreads. Many reviewers have said it’s my best book yet!

Purchase links for your Kindle, iPad and Nook are all on this page. If you’ve already read the books and want to spread the word, feel free to share the graphics on this page!

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