So… I did a teaser for Livvy yesterday. It was the first page of a letter to Livvy from Donna (Nate’s mom).  With the teaser, I offered up a pretty awesome challenge:

If the post could get 5,000 views, everyone who commented, shared or liked the post would be entered into a drawing for a MASSIVE sneak peak at Livvy.

Specifically… you would get to know the identity of Livvy’s father before everyone else by receiving the ENTIRE letter from Donna in advance of the book launch.

What? You missed the teaser and contest?

Well, it’s not too late. It’s still posted here on my Facebook page. We need about 1,750 more views by 11:59 CDT today (Friday, Sept 26)! All shares, comments and likes must be on the Facebook post itself. If you share, comment or like here on my blog, I’ll appreciate it, but it won’t get you an entry into the contest.

Check out the post for all the details! If you’re a Choisie fan, you will absolutely want to win this one.