Props to Authors, old and new…


This year… has been incredible. Incredible for many, many reasons. Today, I’m just going to mention some of the authors I’ve met (or seen) this year who have displayed some sort of kindness to me, or who I’ve met and just thought were really cool.

So… to the people listed below, and the others I’ve probably omitted on accident (and I’ll find some way to make it up to you), thank you for being a part of my journey this year.

Readers, please help me share the love by ordering and reading a book by an author you’ve never read on this list. Take a chance on someone new, or on a book you have yet to read. I’ve made it easy by adding a link to a book for each of them. There’s got to be something you’ll like!

Once you’ve found a book, share this post, and ask your friends to do the same.

I am grateful that so many authors have welcomed me, either with a simple and kind hello, or giving me sage advice, or buying me a chai latte, or setting a good example for the rest of us.

As I finish up what somehow became the most productive year of my life, I am looking forward to delving into some of these books, and many, many others that I’ve amassed on my TBR list. It’s time to give my Kindle some love, too.

In no particular order, I want to thank and hug…

Thank you so much for helping to make 2014 spectacular. Like ya!

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