CROSSROADS – a post-Choisie series novella

First of all, shame on me for taking a month and a half off from my blog. Who do I think I am? Someone who doesn’t write? Wow.

CrossroadsWillIsOnTheLooseAnyway, there are a few reasons I’ve been MIA, but we’ll save most of them for another day. Tonight, I’m talking to you about Crossroads, a novella that wasn’t even an idea in my head exactly two weeks ago from this moment. And right now, it not only exists in a 22,000-word ebook, it’s also available for purchase on Amazon, Nook and iBooks. (And this weekend, it’s only 99¢!) How I did it, I’ll never know. I was able to focus like I never have before… that’s my only explanation. It was wonderful.

What is Crossroads? If you’re up-to-date with all of my books, then you will know the name Will. Will Rosser is one of the younger brothers of Jon Scott (Choisie series). Over the course of the Choisie series, Will’s life grew increasingly tumultuous. His mother was forced to face her alcoholism after an arrest and a threat that her youngest sons, Will and Max, would be taken from her. This resulted in a move to Utah that would take Will away from Jon, the only constant positive influence he’d ever had in his life.

In Utah, though, Will took it as an opportunity to recreate himself and find some new friends. He bonded quickly with two other brainy classmates, Landry and Laila. He and Laila fell in love, but had a pretty chaste relationship while Will lived in Utah, always under the ever-watchful eyes of her parents, his mom, his aunt, or his pesky younger brother.

After a year and a half, Will’s mom made the decision to move back to New York, taking the boys back with her. It’s a good and bad thing for Will. He’ll be closer to Jon again, but he’ll be losing the two closest friends he’s ever had–one of which he loves dearly.

While Jon is away for the summer, and lacking any other local friends, Will surrounds himself with music, his new passion introduced to him by Livvy’s neighbor and uncle, Matty. In July, he is gifted a trip back to Utah to say a final goodbye to Landry and Laila. He has high hopes for the weekend, including a special way to commemorate his relationship with his girlfriend.

Want to know what happens? Check out the novella! Early reviews are very positive!

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