99¢ Beginning-of-Series Sale (Emi Lost and Found / Choisie)

There are a few hours left in the day… March 21, 2015.

It’s a special day in my world: Lost and Found‘s 4th birthday! To celebrate, I’ve marked down the ebook for Lost and Found, the first book in the Emi Lost & Found series, to 99¢ (that’s 75% off) for the day, so get it fast! You won’t want to miss the epic love story of Emi and Nate! Time is running out!

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And for the fun of it, I decided to mark down the price of Contessa, too, to 99¢ (also 75% off). The sale on the first book of the Choisie series will last longer–through April 5th! But there’s no time like the present! Go ahead and start this beautiful story of first love and family relationships.

Kindle | Nook | iBooks


The Emi Lost & Found and Choisie series consist of four books each, and they are both complete! The Choisie series is a spin-off of Emi Lost & Found, but it is NOT necessary to read the first series before the second!

Happy reading to you all!

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