I surprised some people this week when I mentioned on Facebook that I was in the middle of seven books. In truth, I’m not actively writing in seven of them. Three of them have been set aside for awhile now, but I’m still well into each of those books.

The point I was trying to make in my post was that I have so much going on in my brain, and not enough time to get it all down on paper. It worries me that I’ll never find enough time to finish all of these stories. I fear that I’ll forget important plot lines or details, even though I just hit my 1,000-note milestone on Evernote last weekend.

I really want to make a living as an author. More than anything, I’d love to be able to devote all of my time to my passion, but I don’t make enough money on book sales to do it yet. I still require a full-time job since I’m the only wage-earner in the household. Ben just sleeps all day, lucky bastard.

Anyway, I decided this week to prove my worth to all the readers out there, or at least try to. I’m going to post an excerpt a day this week, beginning tomorrow, so all seven unreleased books will be represented. Coincidentally, they all will have different narrators, too, so you’ll get to experience seven different voices. In addition to different stories, I hope that shows some range, as well. Some snippets may be short, some may be full chapters. I’m still working out the details.

Will there be spoilers? Absolutely. I can’t do this without talking about certain things, so if you don’t want spoilers, you probably shouldn’t read them. Some will reveal more than others. But in the case of, say, Steven’s series, the release dates of those books are so far in the future you have time to forget everything by then. Plus, the questions have probably been plaguing my current readers for years, so you may be ready for the spoilers by now.

To prepare you for what’s coming, here’s the lineup:

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