ALL Book Availability News


Beginning this week, I will be removing all of my Emi Lost & Found series books and Crossroads from Nook and iBooks for a few months. They will only be joining my Choisie series and Number Seven, and will only be available in the Kindle store. This means that if you’re a Nook or iBooks reader, and you’re mid-series and haven’t bought the rest, this is the time to buy. Purchase links are here.

This also means that Not Today, But Someday will no longer be permanently free to all readers! It will go back to its former price of 99¢.

If you are a member of Kindle Unlimited, this means that the Emi Lost & Found Series and Crossroads will soon be available for you to read for free! Amazon Prime customers will also be able to select any book in the series as their KOLL book each month.

The good thing about Kindle is that they do offer a free e-reader app that works on any computer and nearly any handheld device, so they are very cross-platform. Although I, myself, don’t use a Kindle, I read 95% of my books on the Kindle app on my iPad.

Please spread the word to any of your Nook or iBooks friends!

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