LOVE LIKE WE DO: Clearing up a few things…

After spending a week immersed in some m/m groups (that’s male/male if you’re not familiar with the term) and getting some feedback from a few readers, I feel the need to reiterate a few things I’ve expressed in some previous posts and pages.

This is really about setting expectations and making sure everyone knows what they’re getting with this series before they a) purchase the books, or b) read and review them.

LOVE LIKE WE DO is not an m/m series. This is a love story for everyone highlighting an m/m relationship between two 16-year-old boys. Do not expect erotica. It’s not in this book. (It’s not in any of my books.) SIDE A is told by two heterosexual guys. One has a wife; the other has a serious girlfriend. If you’ve read my previous books, there are love scenes much like the ones in previous books in SIDE A. A few have said that they push the boundary just a tad more than in previous books, and I might agree with that, but still. Not erotica. Not super detailed. Not graphic.

Why is a book about two gay kids told by two hetero guys? I wanted to begin the series by telling the story from the outsider’s perspective. One of the straight guys is the mutual friend of the two gay ones. The other straight guy is the older brother of one of them. I thought, “How interesting would it be to hear the news for the first time right when they do? And to digest that news, and try to accept the ramifications?” That’s why I did it.

Two 16-year-old boys who are trying to have a relationship with one another narrate SIDE B. *Trying* is the key word, because as you’ll find, they’re both choosing to stay in the closet. One of them has a girlfriend in his ploy to hide the truth. There is a flashback to a sex scene of them written into the book. There is talk of sex between them at other times. Between the two male characters (and at the beginning, a separate story with one other guy), there are sensual scenes, but again. Not erotica. Not super detailed. Not graphic. With most of them, the ‘action’ doesn’t get very far.

If you’re looking for guy-on-guy action, this isn’t your series, but there are plenty of other authors out there who write that genre and write it well. This isn’t a book you can compare to other m/m books you’ve read. It’s not one. I’ve always said that this is a story about relationships, friendship, family, love, bigotry, acceptance and truth. That’s what it is. I think it’s a story everyone can benefit from, but it may not be the series everyone wants to read. So if it’s not up your alley, move on and read something that is. I’m perfectly fine with that.

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