This is my twelfth release day. Yes, I’ve had a few. Some had very little fanfare (like the EXTRAS paperback release a few weeks ago). Some had a lot of build-up (like LIVVY, about 10 months ago).

None have been quite like this one, though.

I knew going into today that LOVE LIKE WE DO wasn’t going to be a best seller on day one. It may even have the fate of all my other books, and never attain that status. That doesn’t make the book any less special to me. Getting a bunch of my regular readers on board with this coming-out, coming-of-age story was always going to be a challenge. I’m smart enough to know that. Plus the fact that I still haven’t quite figured out how to sell it… my point is, I knew sales weren’t going to be awesome.

But I’m not even paying attention to that today.

My heart is literally full. So many of my faithful readers did take a chance on this book, and most of them liked it. Some of them are bloggers, and they passed along the message to their readers. New-to-me bloggers did, too! I’m so grateful. And then, the cherry on top? I’ve gotten so much support from authors that I’ve met both in person and online. It’s blown my mind, and a couple times today, I’ve been moved to tears at things they’ve said and done. I’ve never felt this supported in our little Indie world as I do today, and I want to thank every reader, blogger and author for taking the time to share a link, to post a graphic, to leave a review, to say something hella nice, and to stand with me today. I intend to return the love… just after I get some sleep.

(On a side note, my advice to all authors… don’t release your books on consecutive days. I am so exhausted!!!)

Anyway. Thank you ALL for the love and for sharing this special day with me. It’s by far my favorite release day EVER!